What our clients think of us

Years of reliable experience in the industry has allowed us to foster relationships with our clients who have since become part of our family.

Experior is a team of reliable and knowledgeable individuals. Friendly, always happy to assist and make life less complicated. I trust them to get the job done!

Pinky Webb

True to the company’s name, they really do FIND SOLUTIONS for anything and everything we need! Definitely recommending Experior because on top of their excellent performance, they are a team of impeccable character. And in their line of work, a reputation of unblemished integrity is everything

Dr. Frances Vera Bernardino

I cannot imagine our business without Experior Solutions. Since 2012, ESI has been our trusted partner. They take care of our payroll and accounting compliances. They simply make life easier for business owners like me. I was able to focus more on our core business of selling and manufacturing.

Rossanna Pe

Experior lets me focus on what I do best. A plus - they integrate simple but powerful digital tools (digital billings, secured digital signature with options straight to digital payment, auto copy furnished) that saves me time and resources. I would definitely recommend Experior’s services. They are easy to deal with, gets the job done and very reasonably priced for the value they bring.

Catherine Limsoc-Castillo

Experior has helped us in standardizing our accounting and has gone beyond my expectations than just being another accounting firm. They have helped our business transition from traditional methods to new formats that helped me view and study better our understanding of numbers. I have always been their unofficial and unpaid sales agent. Whenever I get to meet fellow businessmen and entrepreneurs encountering accounting issues, they are the ones I immediately recommend as they've built good trust with our company.

Julio Ingco III

Experior Solutions has greatly affected me by changing my business game. They have been instrumental in two aspects of my business which is mainly accounting and human resources. These two responsibilities are not my core expertise as an entrepreneur and the best way is to outsource these to reliable third party suppliers and that is Experior Solutions. They work in a very timely manner and documents are processed digitally which is a great advantage for a person like myself who is always on the go. I have endorsed Experior Solutions to other businessmen and would gladly endorse them to others too. Thank you Experior Solutions!

Bessie Besana

Since the time we engaged EXPERIOR Solutions Inc. to our Financial, accounting & auditing outfit, they were able to improve and place a good financial system in doing business. This enabled us to concentrate more on our marketing effort. Aside from financial and accounting services, they have been our professional business adviser on how to expand our business portfolio. We highly recommend the services of EXPERIOR Solutions which we have been doing in the past for personal and business interests who need sound and professional

Cesar Drilon Jr

Transitioning to Experior has helped us have a better grasp and understanding of our Accounting, which has enabled us to make the necessary adjustments to help manage our small business. I really appreciate the personalized attention that Experior delivers. Outsourcing accounting eliminates many of the inhouse issues that a small business usually encounters. With Experior you'll get the accounting experience, the trust and reliability that can take years to build in house.

Dr. Anton Cancio

We've been a loyal client of Experior Solutions for almost 10years. We started with two businesses under their support which now grew into five. Their continued support and guidance in our business and government transactions made us more confident to continue and provide service to our customers.

Marie Arcilla

The team in Experior Solutions has helped us grow by helping us focus on our core competencies and being able to reliably delegate to them the intricacies of accounting work. I would recommend Experior Solutions to others especially for those starting up or individuals with no formal business background. Experior has an incredible way of simplifying concepts on accounting or finance that can come across as complicated for non-accountants or finance people in the team.

Patty Reyes

We put all our trust in Experior. Since 2019, they helped our business grow by providing good strategies to maximize our business potentials. Their excellent leadership skills and expert tax services keep our business compliant in all laws and regulations pertaining to audit and tax. I have been recommending Experior to my clients. The clients are very happy with the referral and have the same thoughts for Experior. It is with utmost confidence that my clients are truly satisfied with the services of Experior.

Atty. Ron Gamboa

We have been working with ESI for about 4 years now and they have been tremendously helpful in the growth of our company. We are very much appreciative of the excellent services provided by the staff and the Company. I highly recommend ESI for those who have yet to secure a trustworthy accounting firm.

Manjinder “James” Kumar

Experior Solutions played a big part in my startup venture, building an e-commerce business is one thing but making sure our business permits,setting up a company and organizing our accounting books are in great hands. Fast service,they have modern IT solutions like Xero and many more. They also have competent staff and are quick to reply to all our concerns. Many of my friends are wondering how come I could focus on marketing sales and other important roles in my business and I always tell them getting the right accounting firm service like Experior Solutions is my secret. It’s the key to your successful business venture! Thank you Experior and wish you all the best!

David Gomez

Experior has been my company’s lifesaver given that they have made it very easy for me as the COO to manage all the small yet important details that I usually overlook in our day to day operations. Given that I can trust them to watch my companies — I can fully focus on making my companies grow. The Experior team not only helps me in ensuring that my business is audited well— they also go the extra mile for me. This I must say is truly a business with a heart. I highly recommend Experior Solutions. I am one to make sure that my books are always squeaky clean and I have them most to thank for.

Chi-Chi Atienza-Valdepeñas

Experior has helped us tremendously improve our internal processes since we’ve outsourced a lot of administrative and HR matters to them. They’ve helped ease our admin burden so we are now free to focus more on our core business and competence. They’ve especially helped us during this pandemic since all our communications and transactions are almost entirely done online. We highly recommend Experior. Precious and her team are always ready to give sound advice on accounting and financial matters, and they are always quick to act, very reliable and happy to help. It is very easy to work with them.

Atty. Dielle Kapunan

I’ve been with experior solutions since I was a newly minted doctor. They gave me a VIP treatment even if I was barely earning. They were very supportive and gave me sound accounting advise. We also got their services when we started our first business. They offered end-to-end business solutions from incorporation, providing of contract templates for employees, HR handling, and much much more. We have retained their services for our several businesses and has referred them to numerous other colleagues and friends. Experior Solutions have been a vital part of our professional lives. Now our relationship have grown even stronger. The owners, Rommel and Precious Coria are now one of our dearest friends. More power to you and I hope you continue the great service you are providing.

Dr. Ryan Em Dalman

As a start-up professional consultancy and training company that began operating during the pandemic, we needed support and guidance in developing efficient, transparent, and robust financial processes. Experior delivers in every way and more. What makes them stand out is the genuine care they have for their clients and the dedication to helping them grow. Our Experior team was always accessible. We know that they look out for our welfare with a long-term view for the financial health and resilience of our company. Now, even as we are barely a year old, we are secure in the reliability of our accounting and bookkeeping procedures. When start-up companies can work with a very caring and competent team like Experior, the journey becomes a smoother ride. I would definitely recommend their services. Experior is genuinely caring and committed, they are accessible and reliable, they are very knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Dr. Jabby Herrera

We have been with Experior Solutions ever since we started. They helped us grow by providing us with financial strategies and guidance on how we can plan for our business position in the future. Our current growth on where we are right now is because of their dedication and sincerity in serving us as their clients. One thing I really liked with the Experior Team is that even if we are friends they still treat us cordially as clients plus they treat big and small clients just the same. They give their best to execute all that we need at the right time and exceed our expectations. It is natural for us to recommend them to our business colleagues even without them telling us to do so; this simply exemplifies how satisfied we are for their service.

Doreen Ann Ergino

Experior has helped our business grow by providing exceptional accounting and payroll management service that goes the extra mile. As a first-time restaurateur in a tourist destination (Tagaytay) that boasts of a very competitive restaurant industry, surviving alone was a daunting challenge in itself. But we have thrived despite a catastrophic Taal eruption followed by a crippling pandemic, in no small part due to the generous assistance of Experior. Their payroll management service has tremendously helped us provide assurance to our employees that the computation of their salaries is beyond reproach, which in turn has resulted in a collective inspired performance by our team day after day. Experior was there with us from our humble beginning, and in just under 2 years into our foray into this business, our resto is now one of the most talked about in Tagaytay and our team beams with pride that they are properly and professionally compensated--a huge deal for the food service industry. Experior's accounting and taxation expertise likewise allows us to completely focus where it matters most--in growing our business. Would I recommend Experior's services? Absolutely! Experior serves its clients with unparalleled passion and a lot of heart, and I cannot even imagine partnering with anyone else for the services that they provide. They have an obsessed commitment to excellence that rubs off on you and gives you that extra push, which is immeasurably valuable in business. I cannot say enough how blessed we are to be with Experior.

Paul Pe Benito

Having to start a small business is quite a challenging task. You would need a good product and a vision on how you would want that product to grow and having your business grow in the process. The marketing and building of the product boils down as the responsibility of the owners. One factor that’s as important is the handling of the financial and legal side of the business, and that’s where Experior plays a vital role in our business. We have known Experior and the people behind it for quite some time and they have been handling our business financials including government documents that we need to file and submit. Financials are at the heart of any business as it is vital for keeping any business afloat. Being very much in the know when it comes to these fields Experior keeps us assured of where our business is financially. They constantly inform and remind us if there are any legal documents that are in need of filing and dues that need to be settled. In any business trust is a core factor that should always be present. We could say that Experior has earned our trust when it comes to their services. From the head of the company down to their staff you would see and feel how professional they are in handling things. The discipline and competence you see in them on how they handle your business concerns is something that any business owner could benefit from. Having said all this we would definitely recommend Experior for either big or small businesses.

Mark Joseph Ergino

Centro Natura Inc., my company started 22 years ago. We were composed of several well meaning mothers who knew very little about starting a business. Rommel Coria has been one of the key people who helped us systematize and professionalize the business. He was helping us way before Experior started. When Experior was born, the following processes were fine-tuned to perfection: 1. Customized structure and processes to help keep tract of our various payments, bookkeeping and business expenses. 2. Concise and efficient tax services and auditing. 3. Trouble shooting of management concerns, including business permit issues and sec requirements. 4. Valuable help in fraud investigations and financial oversight. 5. Proactive advice on how to prevent major problems. Our relationship with Experior spans 14 years. We are one of their original clients. I owe the growth and stability of my company to Experior. This relationship has withstood the test of time, the challenges of the pandemic, the changes in government laws and regulations and even economic crisis. The key qualities that i appreciate about Experior and the reasons why i will recommend them: 1. They listen to my concerns no matter how trivial. 2. They have creative solutions. 3. They are consistent, honest and trustworthy. 4. Lastly, they are very professional.

Dr. Divina Hey-Gonzales

Experior has helped our business grow by providing for us finance and accounting solutions that are tailored to our kind of business, helping us maximize our resources and minimize our losses. They’ve provided for us platforms for an easier and more transparent monitoring of reports, efficient billing and disbursement processes, and the like. More efficient systems mean fewer mistakes, and extra time for our staff or myself to allot to other areas in our business that need more attention. I would recommend Experior’s services because you can trust that the solutions you’ll be provided with are at par with your business description. The company is also flexible in a sense that they will bring to you occasional add ons if need be and it’s not in your availed menu of services. On top of these, Experior people are professional, efficient, meticulous and proactive in client relations so you really feel that they have your back in regards your accounting and finance needs.

Monica De Leon

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